"Hey, does that outfit come in black?"

Nothing says fashion like basic black. There is nothing new about it because it's classic, timeless and always in fashion. But what's new about it is that through ethical brands like Anástasi Fashion black can be eco-friendly and still make you look like you have places to go with a lot to say and do.
I recently heard another creative say that the color black was not a calming color but I beg to differ! When I wear black I feel energized and at the top of my fashion game! So, what is :(
Next time I will talk about "Why organic?" And why is it important. Now below you can find out what is coming up at Anástasi Fashion this season in black and last season's black highlights.


From the Queen Collection. I call this the Vamp Top. It's basic but you don't need to have a flat tummy like our model Jalyn. It comes in size 0 to 14 with a longer hem.  

This Month's Style Spotlight


 I wanted to design a pair of shorts that were dressy and comfortable. I do not consider myself to be trendy by any means but I was shocked when I saw the resurgence of the late fashion designer, Halston's 'hot pants'. Wow. Anyway, I wanted do something that flowed, was feminine, and covered the female anatomy.

I haven't put out any vegan leather just yet but you can expect to see this on other runways this season. Oh...and yes, my shorts! My bloomers! Lingerie dressing is in...Oh no! I promise you that I didn't do that on purpose. It's just something that happens with me. I even joked about how much my shorts look like bloomers. So, that's what I decided to call them.

I started my line in 2017 and someone said to me. "You need to make some pants." I had nothing against pants at the time. It's just that I had just began designing again after a decade. Well this season I designed some pants but I will save that adventure story for some other time.

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